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Dear Great SITE Family !

I have been elected as the President of SITE Turkey Chapter, immediate as of January 7, 2016.  It is a great pleasure and pride to have been selected as the President of  such a globally renowned network.  In Turkey, the President and the Board serve the Chapter for two years; which means that I will be the President of the Board until January 2018.  This is a  meaningful role, along with the  support of our Board Members.

I do take pride in stating the fact that in Turkey, the MICE sector – with educated manpower, advanced technology and creativity – it is truly above the world’s standards.  Having the leaders of the sector amongst its members, our society presents an experienced platform to transfer valuable knowledge. We are proud of the fact that SITE Turkey is the leading Non-Profit Organization of our industry. Our focus is always on people and contribution to our sector and profession. Our efforts focus on seeing more value added and brighter careeer growth for the new generation.

Our aim was to perform educational, social and development activities in order to contribute to our members and their establishments in their profession respectively. Organising education seminars and meetings to provide contribution to business processes, and to guide and support the development of the new generation employees are among our goals. As the newly elected President and the selected Board Members, we will continue to work in parallel with our organization’s target, mission and vision, continue and excel in the activities SITE has been conducting so far.  However, during our service, SITE Turkey has set a significant goal and will work hard to achieve that! Our goal will be to connect the Turkish MICE industry under a single entity by working closely with other MICE associations, enabling the sector to be “heard” louder, become stronger, even further reputable, not to mention raising awareness in the international MICE arena. In the presidential reign between 2016-2018, if we are able to achieve this target with concrete steps, I sincerely believe we will make significant and valuable contribution to the Turkish MICE industry.

Just a few words for our friends from other SITE chapters all over the globe; we invite our associates and colleagues to Turkey; the destination where “impossible” is possible !

I take this opportunity to wish the Great SITE family my warmest and sincere regards and wish each and every single member of this family, a happy, prosperous year.

With my best regards,

Kerim Sipahiler,


President, Site Turkey


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  • Seyrantepe Mah.İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Cad.
    Yayıncılar Sok. Sözügeçer İş Merkezi No:7/1
    Kağıthane/ İSTANBUL