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How to be a member

How to be a member


The answer is YES if you are serious about your role as a meetings and events professional and you want to show your clients your dedication to professionalism and a high level of ethical performance.

Site is the only international professional association that connects incentive and travel executives of the world in a globe-spanning network that gives you vital contact with others in every discipline of our industry. With these colleagues, you share education, business, contacts, and professionalism.

Through a series of annual international programs, you participate in education that keeps you on the cutting edge of the constantly-changing incentive industry. You not only will find it easier to attract business from the industry at large, but you'll find a wealth of opportunity among your fellow members.

You will immediately share in over 2,000 industry contacts that serve as a wealth of knowledge as well as creating opportunities for your products, services, and programs. Your listing in the annual Site Resource Manual and on the Site web site allows you to be contacted by fellow screened and qualified members as well as by all those who now recognize this directory as the bible for the incentive travel industry.

The incentive industry is a growing, healthy industry because of its invaluable contributions to corporate productivity.

What Are The Benefits?

More than 2/3 of our members receive business from other members. In fact, there was more than US $1 billion of incentive business exchanged among Site members over a two year period!

The Site network affords you the opportunity for open avenues of communication with people who understand what you do - a rarity for this industry that is so misunderstood by non-practitioners. You find people who speak your language in Site.

When you do business with a Site member you know that they adhere to the Code of Ethics - a vehicle that guarantees certain levels of performance. And, when your clients work with you as a Site member, they have the same guarantee. Ask them to compare that to the promises of the competition.

Site members learn to perform at a higher, more professional level and, as a result, they tend to gain more business than their competitors.

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